How do you get rid of post nasal drip?

What is Post Nasal Drip?

How do you get rid of post nasal drip?
Post nasal drip is caused by excess mucous build up. The excess mucous then gathers in the back of the throat or nose, giving one the feeling of a “dripping” sensation. Post nasal drip is usually caused by sinusitis, rhinitis, or laryngopharyngeal acid reflux. 

Post nasal drip is identified by abnormal secretions of mucous that are mostly thick. 

  • Thin mucous is caused by cold weather, certain foods and spices, birth control pills, and high blood pressure medicine. 
  • Thick mucous, the main perpetrator of post nasal drip, is the result of winter dryness, smoking, allergies, and dairy products. 

It is common for people with post nasal drip to constantly clear their throat, spit out mucous, swallow incessantly, have difficulty breathing, and have bad breath. 

How is Post Nasal Drip Treated? 

In order to determine the best route of treatment, a full ear, nose, and throat exam is needed. Antibiotics may be helpful in treating a post nasal drip infection, but the drip may still persist even after the infection leaves. If this is the case then post nasal drip remedies are less treatment and more prevention methods. 

  • Dairy products with a high fat content can thicken mucous that causes a large buildup in the back of the nose or throat. Therefore lowering your dairy consumption can help to thin out the mucous. Being properly hydrated is also integral to relieving post nasal drip. 
  • Drinking six to eight glasses of water a day will help to keep your mucous thinned out. This will also prove beneficial when you need to clear your throat of any excess mucous.
  • Medication can play an important role in minimizing or eliminating post nasal drip. Antihistamines will dry out your post nasal drip, while decongestants will thin the mucous and reduce swelling. Using these medicines in conjunction with each other will help to clear your nose and throat of superfluous mucous build up.
  • Nasal irrigation is also a crucial step in keeping post nasal drip at bay. Nasal washing flushes bacteria, allergens, pollutants, and most importantly, mucous, out of your sinuses. Doing this will stop post nasal drip for awhile.
  • The SinuPulse Elite is also equipped with a throat irrigator to help loosen mucous lodged in the throat. Also, the SinuPulse has a tongue cleaner to combat bad breath caused by post nasal drip. After clearing out the mucous from your sinuses, it is recommended that you use a nasal spray immediately. With the mucous gone the nasal spray is free to effectively do its job and will help get rid of post nasal drip. 

 By using all these methods in correlation with each other you should be able to keep your post nasal drip at a tolerable level. There is no guarantee that the condition will permanently go away, but following these routines will not only keep your post nasal drip to a minimum, but will also stave off sinus infections.