How To Clear Sinuses With A Home Remedy

Every year, many people How to clear sinuses Fastsuffer from head congestion, and they spend an enormous amount of money on over the counter and prescription drugs looking for an effective answer to the question how to clear sinuses. However, there are a few home remedies that require just the curative powers of water to free up sinus cavities and nasal pathways.

How To Clear Your Sinuses? Look At Home Remedies

These home remedies are often cheaper than purchasing decongestant drugs, and they have the added benefit of little to no side effects. Also, many users report feeling better from simply using these natural cures to their nasal ailments.

Before selecting an approach to how to clear sinuses, it will be useful to understand why the sinuses become congested. The problem of dealing with this kind of congestion is that there are many various causes of it. Bacterial infections, the common cold, allergies and even nasal polyps are known causes. While many of these home-based remedies are excellent ways of dealing with the symptom of congestion, they should not be taken as a possible cure for the underlying cause. For this purpose, doctors will prescribe antibiotics for bacteria related infections, and anti-histamines for allergy related issues.

Extra Solutions For Clearing Sinuses

While there are drugs that cure the underlying cause of this issue, there are many that have been designed to treat the symptom of congestion. These drugs accomplish this by dilating the nasal pathways and sinus cavities, thereby flushing out any irritants or excess mucous. It is for this purpose that a sinus remedy has been shown to be effective by accomplishing the same thing with just water or the help of natural oils and simple devices – you will agree, I think, that this a healthier answer to how to clear sinuses.

One of the easiest ways to get rid of head congestion at little or no cost is to inhale steam, with or without added eucalyptus oil. Begin by wrapping your head with a bath towel and placing your head over a pot of boiling water. Remember, however, to close your eyes, especially if the water has been combined with eucalyptus oil, as it may sting or irritate the eyes.

How to clear the sinuses: A water-based sinus remedy

Another method for water-based congestion relief is the use of a simple spray bottle. Many of these kinds of bottles are available in local pharmacies. By simply filling the bottle with water, leaning your head back, holding one nostril closed and spraying two to three times, you can experience relief in just a few minutes.

The simplest way to use water to relieve congestion does not even require heating the water or using a spray bottle. A similar effect can be achieved by placing two fingers under your nose, placing a few droplets on the fingers with the hand, and inhaling the water. In this case, the only material required is a few drops of water – a neat answer to how to go about clearing sinuses.

It is possible to use a home remedy to clear out head and nasal congestion without the use of drugs, using only water as a tool to dilate the nasal passage and sinus cavity. However, it should be noted that only a doctor can truly diagnose and treat infections, and any home sinus remedy serves only as a low-cost way to potentially find symptom relief and a solution to how to clear sinuses.


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